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In the tourism sector IGIP Group has just launched on the market (Dez -2011) an innovative project aimed at environmental tourism, inserted in its subsidiary Gapana.

The Lodge Kapembawé located within the AMAC Environmental Park, which abuts the south with the river Coporolo, is located 42 km from the city of Benguela, in an unspoilt area of 10,000 ha, completely fenced and where it is possible to see over 30 species animals in pleasant coexistence with man.

With a world-class service, the Lodge Kapembawé endowed with 20 bungalows, restaurant and rooftop terraces, bar, swimming pool, conference rooms and an atmosphere of total relaxation, is a single reference in the provision of services in the SADC.


Launching, this Group has more three projects in the tourism sector:
Two resorts are centered on the SEA theme , one on the coast of Namibe (Chapeu Armado) and another on the coast of Benguela, 40 km north from the city of Lobito (Anduva).


(Chápeu Armado Beach)

On a start – up phase, both resorts are equipped with 20 bungalows, restaurants based on seafood meals, with activities closely linked to fishing, diving and promenades.


(Anduva beach)


The third ongoing project is located 90 km from Luanda and in the banks of the famous lake Quiminha, which leads to the river Bengo, a property of 400 ha.

This resort will have 50 superior bungalows, restaurant, pool, bar and boats for sports fishing and sightseeing in its beautiful lagoon, with its 80 km long.

Relatively close to the historic town of Catete (area where the father of the Angolan independence was born) the Quiminha Resort, perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment, providing excellent conditions for leisure.


(Kiminha lake)